Serial Port Loggers

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Serial Port LoggersRugged, Reliable, Convenient … For Better Automation. Brigantine Electronics developed the Dogcatcher to be a reliable RS-232 data logger in a convenient form.

Serial Port Loggers for Industry and Research

Brigantine Electronics designs and manufactures data loggers in southwest Michigan. We are located in Berrien County, a hub for specialty automation and controls engineering.

Plugging in the Flash DriveWhy build a data logger?

Because data loggers are used everywhere. Data loggers are used to test electronics under development. They are used to troubleshoot problems when integrating equipment from different vendors. They are used to store production and test data. They are used to record equipment conditions during racing. They are used to count fish (specifically, fish with RFID tags).

USB Flash DriveWhy use a USB stick?

Because USB sticks are rugged. Because every computer takes them. Because they are convenient for our customers.

Why call it a “Dogcatcher”?

Late in 2009 an engineer saw his vision come to fruition. He had built an elegant solution and a smoothly working automated assembly system. Smoothly working except on random occasions. He needed an automated monitor to capture that occasion. He needed a small and convenient RS-232 monitor. Something he could deploy out on the manufacturing floor. He searched the internet, but found nothing. He asked friends, but found nothing. We developed the Dogcatcher for him.

The Dogcatcher was designed for monitoring equipment and processes so that the trouble making equipment or process can be ferreted out. It was designed to catch the dogs dragging down an otherwise working line.

Brigantine ShipWhat is a Brigantine?

It’s a big old boat. Brigantines were made until the late 1800s. They are double masted sailboats with square rigged (rectangular) sails on the front mast and fore-and-aft sails (triangular) on the main mast. We like big old boats.

Brigantine Electronics

From this background we became Brigantine Electronics. From agriculture to automation to oil to silicon, we could not have fathomed the varied applications for these data loggers.¬†We’re happy to have created a power efficient, small and reliable data logger for RS-232 communications of any speed. And we are happy to serve you with serial data loggers for better automation.