USB Data Recorder

Dogcatcher FAQ

Can the Dogcatcher time stamp data?
The Dogcatcher 2 can time stamp based on configurable flags. The Original Dogcatcher can not.

What memory sticks do the Dogcatcher and Dogcatcher 2 support?
We support most USB memory sticks. These may also be called USB flash drives or thumb drives. USB hard drives are not supported. Memory sticks with security enabled are not supported.

How can I use a secure memory stick with the Dogcatcher?
Security can be disabled on many secure memory sticks. The Dogcatcher and Dogcatcher 2 are not compatible with memory sticks on which security is enabled.

Is the Dogcatcher only able to handle RS-232 data at 19200 baud?
The baud rate on the Original Dogcatcher is factory set at 9600 baud. The baud rate on the Dogcatcher 2 is user settable within a range.

Can you capture CSV (Comma Separated Values) data or other file types?
The Dogcatcher can capture any type of data sent over the RS-232 port: text, csv, binary, images, etc. The data is written to a file on the memory stick named CAPTURE.TXT. To process your csv or other file, you will want to rename the .txt extension to a .csv or appropriate extension.

Will the Dogcatcher lose data when I am switching sticks?
The Dogcatcher and Dogcatcher 2 will buffer several kilobytes of data without a memory stick present. When a stick is plugged in, it will write the buffered data to the stick. Even if data is flowing continuously, this will generally give you time to change sticks. Your best bet is to plug in an empty memory stick. If your stick is partially full and highly fragmented, the Dogcatcher may take up to a minute to find space to write its data.

Does the Dogcatcher write data to the USB thumb drive immediately?
If data is trickled into the Dogcatcher or Dogcatcher 2, it may buffer data for several seconds in order to avoid excessive fragmentation of the memory stick. The extent of buffering is user settable in the Dogcatcher 2.

What is the temperature range for the Dogcatcher?
The Dogcatcher and Dogcatcher 2 both operate to -30C.

Why do I need to see the LEDs?
The slowly blinking red LED indicates that data is being written to the USB stick and it is not safe to remove the stick at that time. If a USB stick is removed while data is being written to it, the file may be corrupted. In rare situations, the file system may be corrupted. The red LED shows when data is being written so that the user can remove the stick when it is safe to do so.

Does the Dogcatcher have a power pin on the DB9 RS-232 connector?
The Original Dogcatcher is not able to send or receive power on the RS-232 connector. The Dogcatcher 2 may be powered by a pin on the RS-232 DB9 connector.

Is the Dogcatcher overvoltage and overcurrent protected?
The Dogcatcher is protected so that an overvoltage or overcurrent event will cause a safe failure. In the event of severe overvoltage (e.g. 120 VAC) the Dogcatcher will be permanently damaged.

Where can the Dogcatcher be shipped?
The Dogcatcher conforms to FCC Part 15 and may be used in commercial, industrial, business and residential settings in the United States and Canada. We do not ship the Dogcatcher to addresses outside of this region.

What are the dimensions of the Original Dogcatcher?
Below are the dimensions for the Original Dogcatcher Serial Data Collector.

Dogcatcher Dimensions

What are the dimensions of the Dogcatcher 2?
Below are the dimensions for the Dogcatcher 2 Serial Data Collector.

Dogcatcher 2 Dimensions